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Printed on 6/17/14


2014 Primary Election

Here are my observations relative to the Republican primary election:

This year there is a substantial choice in the Republican primary election for the Larimer County Coroner's office. The two candidates are both qualified to serve, but in very different ways. Jim Wilkerson is a medical doctor who specializes in pathology, performing autopsies through his private practice in Larimer County and several other counties in Colorado and Wyoming. Carolyn Speshock is a certified medical investigator with a B.S. In the area of forensic science, and eight years experience as a medical investigator.

I am endorsing Carolyn Speshock because she is trained, experienced, and ready to become the full-time coroner for Larimer county. Her opponent, while fully qualified to serve as coroner, cannot serve as the full-time coroner as he will continue his private practice, providing autopsies for several other counties in Colorado and Wyoming.

It is also troubling to me that as the elected coroner for Larimer County, Jim Wilkerson would be sending the autopsies that are paid for by the county to his own private business. This is the system that our retiring coroner has practiced for many years and while I am not suggesting that any abuse of that business relationship has occurred, I do not think it is the ideal circumstance for our elected officials.

Now that there will be a change in the leadership of the coroner's office, I believe the best course is to separate the management of this elected office from the private business with which the coroner's office contracts for autopsy services. For these reasons I am voting for Carolyn Speshock and recommending that others support her as well.

2. The big choice on the primary ballot is for the Republican gubernatorial candidate. I have not officially endorsed any one of the candidates on the ballot. Having worked with all of them I am certain all of our Republican candidates would be remarkably better than the current governor. Each Republican candidate has unique strengths that could be of great value to our state. Of course, they can only serve if they win and therefore I counsel that we all get behind the one who prevails in the primary so we can win in the general election. Despite not endorsing any one candidate, I can only vote for one. My choice for my vote will be Mike Kopp.

Election 2014

I am seeking re-election in the fall of this year for my final term in the Colorado Senate. Already hundreds of people have rallied around our campaign and I know this energy and enthusiasm is what will propel us to victory! To help in our work for life and liberty go to the Getting Involved Page.

The 2014 legislative session was another significant challenge for a liberty-loving, limited-government agenda. The majority party in both houses has a long history of spending too much, regulating too often, and placing the government establishment interests above that of individual citizens.

As the senator for district 15, comprising most of Larimer county except Fort Collins, I serve as the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate Committee for Health and Human Services. I also have the honor of being the chairman for the Republican Study Committee of Colorado (RSCC.US).

In my twelve years in the Colorado legislature I have had many opportunities to take the easy way out and leave the hard fight for someone else. That has never been my style. I have been tenaciously introducing bills year after year to go after the big issues, and many of my ideas are slowly taking root. I have pushed for a rainy-day fund, fought to keep the integrity of the Tax Payers Bill of Rights, argued for Medicaid reform, introduced alternatives to our crippling education costs, stood up to protect traditional marriage and the lives of the unborn, and daily fought the insidious growth and power of government over the everyday lives of citizens. Lobbyists have learned that on core issues they shouldn't waste their time trying to influence my vote.

Issues may come and go, but our values never change, and you can know that I will never back down in protecting your freedoms. I believe that governments are instituted among men to protect their inalienable, God-given rights, and that our government was designed for the power to come from the bottom up, not the top down.

For Life and Liberty!

Kevin Lundberg

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